How It Works

Our working model is really easy to understand. The website will give you an option to book your appointment with our tailor online, or call us for the same. You could either give us a fresh measurement or send us your garments to tell the size.

Once we have the garment or your latest measurement, our expert tailor will start the process of customization, making your dress come alive. Be assured that fitting will always be guaranteed from our side. On this site, you can get to the page for receiving services in one of the following ways:

  • Click on Order Now, located below dresses such as salwar kameez and kurta.
  • Click on Online Measurement.

Once you open Online Measurement, you will notice three parts:

  • 1.Online Measurement:- Here you can provide your measurements online, as the name suggests.
  • 2.Appoint a tailor:- Once you fill and submit the form available after clicking on this dialog box, we will send a tailor to your place. No need to spend valuable time in visiting us.
  • 3.Collect my existing fit garments:- A member of our team will come to your home and collect the garments which fit your size perfectly. Do not worry about garment collection- simply enjoy the comfort of getting it delivered to your doorstep. We accept Cash on Delivery.

One common aspect of the above three services is that they all will be available as per three slots- morning, evening and night. You can select one of these three when you place an order.

Apart from the above, if you wish to wish someone from our side, we have placed a Call Back Request form on our site. You can even chat with us for discussion.

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